Lighting the way to CLEAN counters!

Do you like clean kitchen counters? We think everyone does, but unfortunately most kitchen countertops are plagued with unwanted crumbs, dust, leftover ingredients, spills and other contaminants that are not easily seen. Many contaminants are perfectly camouflaged and hidden from the naked eye. What can you do? Get these assailants under control with the COUNTERTOP COP. The COUNTERTOP COP is a new cleaning tool that will help you patrol your kitchen counters, enabling you to round-up those contaminants once and for all.



Crumbs and other debris are small and difficult to see. Regardless of if your countertops have a pattern or not, most debris is camouflaged and hard to find.

Even when you turn on the kitchen’s overhead lights, they will make the dirt much harder to see because the light washes out colors and diminishes contrast.

When off-duty, the COUNTERTOP COP sits in stand-by mode. When touched, it shines a bright light from the side which clearly lights up contaminants. This method greatly enhances your ability to see and therefore remove debris, making the cleaning process more efficient and effective.

The COUNTERTOP COP makes cleaning much easier and even fun. You are already cleaning your countertops, and now you can do it much better. This tool is specially designed for hard surface inspection to help keep your surfaces clean and safe. It also has a handy food scraper to help remove dry, stubborn substances.

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